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Paper free, hassle free.  No paperwork required.  Our digital process does all the legwork, saving you effort and hassle, yet providing you with all options and knowledge to make substantial savings.

Be informed in order to be educated and make savings

Knowledge is Power
To understand WebMortgages™ and your options, enabling you to save money and make smart choices.
No Fees
The Lenders pay our fees. In the unlikely event that there will be a charge, you will be required to agree first.
Digital Speed
With WebMortgages™, you can save a lot of time, money and angst. Because opportunity has a deadline.
You are provided with a wide array of options and transparency, giving you complete access to a broad range of the main Lenders.

The Main Features of Digital Mortgages

You are provided with the tools so that you may analyse, make comparatives and savings.

Digital, Simple and Fast

WebMortgages™ will help you complete the process, often without the need for paperwork, taking the stress out of the process for you.

Compare and Save

With transparency and the tools to be able to compare, there are often savings to be made.

Quality Information

Often means that a mortgage application to refinance, finance can be obtained digitally within a number of hours as opposed to weeks.

Both the Tools and Information

WebMortgages™ provides you with the tools to understand your mortgage borrowing power, combined with transparency, empowering you with all options.

No Surprises

We can provide you with a no-obligation indication, indicative with a view of what savings can be made, of course, subject to a finalised application.

Obtain a no-obligation Indicative Offer

Here to help. Seamlessly, digitally, effectively. 

We're here to help bring our years of experience together for your benefit.

Splitting Home Loan Across Fixed Rates?

Splitting your home loan across multiple fixed rate terms means your entire loan won't mature at once. It allows you to always have part of your loan maturing that you can make lump sum payments into as well as the certainty of having part of your loan still fixed. If mortgage rates are going up, splitting your loans will smooth out the impact and make it easier to adjust to higher rates.

Can I buy a second home with my Kiwisaver?

There is an allowance for a second chance withdrawal. If you don't currently own a property and you don't have funds which contribute to at least a 20% deposit, then there is a possibility that you can access your KiwiSaver again for another home purchase. Approval will sit with your KiwiSaver provider.

Can I buy an investment property with my Kiwisaver?

The quick answer is no. Unfortunately KiwiSaver is only approved for purchases of a home that you'll be living in yourself.

Can I use Mortgage Refinancing to release equity?

Mortgage refinancing is a common way of accessing the equity you have built up in your existing property. The equity in your home is the distinction between the property value and what you owe on your mortgage.

The amount you can borrow is subject to the amount of equity you have built up in your property and other criteria. As a guideline you’re limited to borrowing a maximum of 90% of the value of the property.